Meet the Team

Jessica and Patrice Sincerely Vave

Our Philosophy

We believe in love. We believe our light shines brightest when we are helping to illuminate others. Our background is in floral and our expertise is creating beauty and positivity while helping others manifest their dreams. We are based in Los Angeles and we design flowers with an abundant lifestyle in mind, creating lush and organic arrangements.

While we are known for our flowers, our affinity for beauty doesn’t stop there. We believe we are meant to cultivate love and community whereever we go, celebrating life, treating yourself and loved ones to the indulgences that illuminate your soul. So, we filled our beautiful boutique and online shop with enchanting gifts and it turned into magic.

Patrice sincerely vave

Meet Patrice

Loves watching movies and playing board games with her husband or going on adventures with her mini-me (aka her son). You could once find her performing as the lead on the theatrical stage but now loves leading large events and designing dream weddings for her wonderful clients.

Jessica Sincerely vavé

Meet Jessica

You can find Jessica picking out new Vintage one of a kind pieces, tending her flower and vegetable garden, or drawing & writing poetry. At one time, she did not think she had a creative bone in her body but now makes the most dynamic floral arrangements you will ever see.

Anna Sincerely vave

Meet Anna

Dreamer of all things beautiful. Anna is always coming up with inspiring ideas that we are so excited to share with our clients. When not making unique floral designs she is out exploring the hidden treasures of Los Angeles and designing beautiful jewelry (which is sold in our shop)!


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