The intangible nature that flowers represent is perhaps what makes them so beautiful. Yes, flowers eventually wilt and lose their vibrant colors and is perfectly part of their fleeting beauty. We encourage you to take this opportunity to experience the full life cycle of your blooms. 

 1. Be gentle. Allow your flowers a cool place to reside for a few days, away from bright light. 

 2. Practice gratitude. Admire these beauties as often as you can, tell them you love them and be reminded of the thoughtfulness of others. 

 3. Take care. Each day, cut the stems 1/4' and refresh with clean water. If the stems cannot be trimmed, be sure to replenish the water daily. 

 4. Sustain. Once your flowers begin to wilt, it is the perfect time to preserve them! Remove from water, tie with string and hang upside down in a dry, well circulated place for 2-3 weeks. 

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