flower arrangement workshop

Flower Arrangement Workshop

The flower arranging workshop is perfect for beginner designers. We cover the basics of floral arranging, tools, techniques, as well as our take on color and texture theories. This lovely and vibrant class brings out your most focused and naturally expressive self. This is our area of expertise and we have lots to share with you over beautiful blooms and libations!


Flower Wreath Workshop

The Flower Wreath workshop is a Spring or Winter wreath dream come true. Think wild berry and herbal holiday wreath with wine! We use florals that will dry in the wreath for you to continue to enjoy their beauty. Perfect for a front door or to decorate a wall that needs some sprucing!


Succulent Garden Workshop

We get our hands dirty planting gorgeous succulents and cacti in beautiful, curated pots. You’ll learn about the basics of succulent planting and care, including drainage, sun, and watering requirements. By nature, this class is very balancing and grounding- you'll walk away with a very long-lasting succulent pot that will project safety in every direction of your space!

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